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hip joint cartilage destruction, neck pain, stiffness

Hi Doctors:

Please find my case history below:

Case History:

Pain started in the month of July 08 and I suddenly felt numbness and severe pain in

my right leg. I realized that my leg is not supporting my weight.I have consulted

few orthodpadecians who adviced some multi vitamin and pain killer tablets with 10 days physiotherapy treatment. I followed the same but it did not worked at all.

Then I changed my doctor who adviced me few tests. Details are as follows:

1) Tuberculin Test
Date: 13/10/2008
Results: Negative

2) RA Factor
Date: 13/10/2008
Results: Negative

3) X Ray for Pelvis with both Hips
Date: 11/10/2008
Results: Mild 'S' shaped scoliosis with convexity to left boneislan is seen in left

femoral head
Visualised bones and joints are normal

4) Mycobacterium TB PCR (Qualitative)
Date: 20/10/2008
Results: Not Detected

5) Haematology(ESR)
Date: 11/10/2008
Results: Normal

6) MRI Scan of both Hip Joints
Date: 12/10/2008
Results: On Right side - Altered marrow signals in the right acetabulun (roof,anterior and posterior)

* Moderate degree of Synovial effusions

7) Nuclear Bone Scan
Date: 17/10/2008
Results: * Mild hypermia with a peripheral rim of increased traces. Concentartion seen involving head of right femur,could represent synovitis

8) Gallium Scan
Date: 11/11/2008
Results: findings are compatible with the diagnosis of chronic infections in the right hip

Date: 18/02/2009
Results: Negative

10) ANA
Date: 17/02/2009
Results: Negative

11) ACCP
Date: 17/02/2009
Results: Negative

Doctors mentioned that there is apparent lengthening deformity in right leg(3 cms difference).

At present, Doctors are giving treatment for Rheumatoid and leg lengthening is completely finished, Pain is also reduced but doctor said that my cartilage in hip joint is 60% destroyed and I might require Hip replacement after 8-10 years and I currently taking Anti Rhumatoid Medication which includes .

Medicines for Rheumatoid

- HCQS - once a day
- Lofecam 4 - if pain occurs
- Sazo 1000 mg  - once a day
-Folvite -  once a day
Folitrax 7.5 mg - one and half table on sunday
- Shelcal - once a day.

I have neck pain as well. I feel stiffness in my neck and both hip joints however the pain is almost gone. I did stretch exercise also for around 1 year and I has helped me in increasing mobility but my few movements are still restricted like i can't sit on floor or i can't tie my shoe lace.

Please suggest if the treatment is correct or if there is any alternative treatment which can solve my problem in a fast way, I want to know if there is anything else, some treatment which can help in regenerating my cartilage and increase my flexibility.

I am on my family way and might start planning it in next 3-4 months, i have no idea what challenges i have to face before i conceive or after it and which medicine should i stop to conceive fast. Please suggest.

You can also reach me on my email - ***@****.
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