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hip pain -- please help

If I sit for more than 10 min -- the first few steps after I get up are painful.  I've been living with this for almost 3 weeks now and it hasn't gotten any better or worse.  I am a healthy 28 year old male -- eat great, exercise a lot -- an avid cyclist, rock climber, skydiver.  Anti inflammatories seem to help but I don't like taking them.  I tried taking them for a 3 day period and it seemed to help a lot.  If I workout -- it doesn't cause it to flare up at all -- no pain really.

It seems to get a little better when I stretch really well.  I am bad about not stretching and am generally not very flexible...

I don't think it is bursitis because exercise would tend to make that flare up and worsen I would think.  I can go up and down steps no problem. It's just the first few steps after I get up that is a problem.  I'm hoping it's just a pinched nerve and not arthritis....what can I do to get to the bottom of this and figure it out?
Should I just try to rest for 10-12 days and take anti inflammatories the whole time and see what happens?  How long can I take those and what are the side affects from taking them for that long a period?  
Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I want to start training hard again for an Ironman but want to figure this out first.
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Well, pain and stiffness just after you get up after sitting is a sign of RA or osteoarthritis. You said you are very active and a cyclist, perhaps you injured your hips somehow. Resting while taking the anti inflamatory might work. Make sure you take the anti inflamatories with food as they can do damage to your stomach.  If it comes back then have it checked out by a Dr.  if you have insurance, x-ray, blood work for RA factor, CRP and Sed rate.  
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I have the same problem.  It only hurts after I sit for periods of time, they walk. It feels like it needs to crack then it feels better for a little while.  I'm really active, I just turned 24 and I noticed this recently.  Is RA hereditary? My mom wont go to the doctor but she clearly has joint pain in her legs, she is also very active and runs 6 miles a day but seems stiff when she stands up. Also, both of her parents have had knee and hip replacement.  So is it hereditary?
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Yes, RA can be hereditary. They have found the genetic markers for it, although, even if you have the genes, you don't always get the disease. They believe it is triggered by contracting a retro virus first which kicks it into gear. They don't know which retro virus tho.
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Pls help me...I am living away from my parents, sometimes we're just calling each other through phones and 2 weeks ago they told me that my father got into checkup co'z his left leg felt certein nubness with unbearable pain. He was diagnosed with kidney infection so he took antibiotics and pain reliever for one week(stafloxin, diclofenac) after 1 week he returned to the Dr. for follow up. Because the pain was till there in his.....should I say lower back( at thigh part) he was given another  prescription which is dolonnerebion, mobic & bactolov..again in 1 week. The Dr also let him x-ray and the result was normal and no abnormalities found. But til until now he is still expriencing the pain. the last prescription was already complete. Is it possible that he has this RA?or just high in uric acid? I called him last night and he said he's feeling the pain on his thigh and leg muscles (left leg only).
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I body surfed a lot when I was younger. If we crash a wave, we always come down on the thigh. Mountain biking every other day at 5-10 miles a day too.

Stay off the bike. Give it rest. Design cold packs for your computer chair and at night. If you can... jacuzzi daily

You are not (I repeat) "not" in a "no pain no gain scenario", and if you push yourself, you will only make it worse. NSAIDs are good on a limited basis

Chill  :)
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