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imflamation on the knee

I have continue swelling on the knees, and had them drained once.  I had xrays, and getting ready to have an MRI.
They tested the fluid from my knee, and everything came back negative. So, what is the problem here?   I was a runner, but now I power walk. I don't abuse my body, but I do keep myself in great shape. Can you help me?????
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I am glad they are getting you an MRI.  You mention that they drained and tested the fluid in your knee, have they run lab tests on your blood?  Do you have any other symptoms at all (even that seem unrelated?)  
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hi my son who is 26 has the same smptons ..woke up 22nd july with severe pain in knee was admitted to hospital for 1 week and the drained the kne 5 times.he was discharged and sent to a rummy consultant and the saga goes on. he has had xray and awaiting mri.. they think its some kind of arthritis and said it would settle down soon...they were wrong..he also goes to a private alternative thereapist who says he has damaged his back at work and is working on that . he has been on and off of crutches and gest pain in his ankle too......he is very fit and went to the gym daily,,ex forces ..this has really got him down as the docs are useless ..they have put him onto dmard drugs as he has been on steroids since july and other pain relief and anti inflamitaries. i really dont think they know what it is....lets hope the mri shoesup something.  good luck to you
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I don't have an answer for you, but I know how frustrating it is to wait for an answer of any kind. Have the done any blood tests to see if there is anything there that may cause the fluid retention? There are so many things out there that cause it. If they've ruled out infection from the fluid removed, what else are the looking at? In other words, did they explain why the MRI?
I wish I could be of more help. Hopefully someone else here has better answers!
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