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improvement in pain and motion more than six months post-op

I had basal joint arthroplasty one week shy of six months ago.  I have less use of my hand now than I did before the surgery.  I am constantly in pain (sometimes it gets a little better, sometimes worse).  I am unable to do simple things like properly grasp a pen/pencil or even open a water bottle.  Everything I've ready says that full recovery takes 3-6 months.  Considering I am just about at the end of that time, I'm wondering if anyone else has been through this and has noticed improvement after that time.  As of this time, I completely regret having the surgery done because I am worse off than i was before I had it.
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Hi need answers.  :)

First let me tell you how happy we are that you have found the Arthritis Community here at MH (MedHelp). We are all Arthritis sufferers such as yourself. I want you to understand that there are NO Doctors in this Community.  We help each other thru sharing our own experiences.

I'm so very sorry that you are experiencing so much pain with your surgery.  I have never had the surgery on my hand.  I've only experienced joint surgery on both my hips.  

What is your Surgeon saying about your severity of pain you are still experiencing at this point in time?  Have you availed yourself of all the therapy that is available to you on your insurance?  If your therapy has run out, I'd talk with my Doctor and see if there is more that he can get your insurance to approve for you.  You definitely need more help.  Do your x-rays look good post-surgery?  What does your Therapist say about his sessions with you?  You could use his/her help in getting your insurance to extend your Therapy.  Sometimes it can take a lot longer to get over a surgery such as yours than what is said to be the NORMAL time for recovery.  EVERYONE is different!  

PLEASE hang in there and hopefully you'll be back to normal before you know it!

I hope you will keep us updated on the rest of your recovery.  I'll be looking forward to your updates!  Best of lucks.  ........    Sherry   :)
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