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is or is not gout?

i have been diagnosed by my G.P. to have gout, but my Orthopeadic Sergeon seem to disagree. Syntoms: Acute pain in both ankles and mid-foot area. The pain lays me off from walking for days. The pain is likened to having needles drawn in and out of the effected area. My sergeon believes i am well out of the criteria to have gout as i am 33 male, active and lead a healthy lifestye...... his ideas reach towards mid-foot arthritis? Any possible ideas of what may be causing me these anomynous attacks of pain?
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Has your GP done any blood tests?  Your GP can check your uric acid levels and usually tell pretty quickly if it is gout or not.  As for the criteria...I am female, and got my first gout attack at age 27.  So much for the criteria...

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Gail gave you the right advice.  Gout is an auto immune disease and falls into one of the  many types of arthritis there are.   An Ortho Surgeon is not the one to help you, have your GP run the test for UA levels.  Forget about "criteria," the 2 diseases I have are thought to be most prevalent in males in their early 20's.  I am a female and was 46 when dx.   Good luck to you.

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Yes like they said screw criteria. I was just diagnosed with gout in my knee after is swelled up and they drained it. I had MRSA at the time so they checked the fluid for infection, it was clear of infection but contained a high amount of Uric acid. Which surprised my drs because its more of a male disorder and in women in normal occurs in post menapausal women. I am 44 and pre menapausal. From what I understand its your bodies inability to process proteins properly. High amounts of red meat, fish and also alcohol can cause this.

The other problem in my dx was that it didn't show in my blood. I just did a 24 urine collection to look for the uric acid there. That will determine what meds they will use. I have thought I had gout in my toes for years but blood always came back neg.  During a bad flair up even a sheet will burn my feet.

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I had horrible bouts of gout beginning at about age 38.  I tried it all - meds, diet change and herbal remedies.  Nothing worked.  My solution was WATER!  I drink about a gallon a day, and have not had a bout in 2 years.  I know it sounds simple, but basically, gout occurs because your kidneys do not do their job.  They cannot do their job if you are dehydrated.  It may not work for everyone, but even if it does not help with gout, you will get many other benefits due to hydration.  Plus, it's easy, and free to try.  Hint: If your urine is "yellower" than lemonade - you're dehydrated.  Good luck.
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That gout criteria is wrong. I had my first gout attack when I was 31. I have been dealing with off and on for 8 years. Phoenixmh  is absolutely correct. Drink lots and lots of water though I would recommend Alkaline water. I would also suggest that you watch your uric acid level.
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