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joint pain, insomnia, and bladder problems?

19 Years old, and have random joint pain in wrist, shoulders, and knees. I can't sleep until I am absolutely exhausted, like an old man in church, whose head is starting to bob. I usually have to crawl out of bed to pee before I can sleep, and its a really small urination.

What is wrong with me?

I have not had any tests done or even been in to see a doctor I am unemployed without insurance
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I also have been told I am basically a carrier for strep I test positive every time and the antibiotics don't seem to do crap they run out before I get better! I also had sores all over my body one time from what I read online I would say I had Scarlet fever but the doctor said its exactly like scarlet fever but its not?
he claimed it was just a strain of strep

he gave me amoxicillin and some cream
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It sounds like you need a stronger and perhaps longer round of antibiotics to completely kill the strep bacteria - amoxicillin is actually a pretty weak antibiotic and many times is not enough to kill off the strep - especially if you've been on antibiotics often, which it sounds like you probably have.  Our bodies pretty much get immune to them and then we need stronger ones to do the job.

As far as teh Scarlet fever - I would be concerned any time you have strep and have a rash - scarlet fever can definitely cause complications.

I would definitely suggest getting a good, complete physical, including blood work to see if they can determined exactly what is causing the persistent strept infections.  Have you had your tonsils out?  If not, you may also want to check into getting those removed - it coudl possibly help cut down on the number of throat infections you get.
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looking online again I would figure I have rheumatic fever. what is the easiest and most cost effective way to confirm that?

is there something else that could cause all of those problems
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