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knee pain

I have had both knees replaced several years ago  In March I fell on a tiled floor striking my left knee which became swollen and painfu At the ER was told

i had a bad contusion My knee is still swollen and tender with a burning The ortho dr can't seen to find what's wrong but the workman comp dr suggest

i may have fluid pressing on a nerve........... help
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I work on an Orthopedic and Surgical Unit at a major hospital that has been ranked in the top 5% for joint replacement surgeries.
Have to tell you that I'm quite mortified at how you are being treated, medically, at any rate.
Did they do either, or both, a CT or MRI of your knee? Or is the Workers Comp doctor claiming you don't need these procedures?
The ER docs said you had a bad bruise. DOH!
That you still have swelling, pain and a burning sensation in this joint three MONTHS post your fall is totally unacceptable. Since none of these symptoms have resolved in that time period, the only conclusion is that there is damage in the joint. That even your ortho, who I will assume was your surgeon, can't figure out what is wrong is pretty damn alarming!
There COULD be fluid causing some pain and swelling, which the tests would have shown clearly, but apparently they haven't tried to draw off any of the fluid? (If there even IS any fluid?)
So basically, they are standing around scratching their heads while you live with what could be a very serious problem that could eventually lead to infection.
Demand a second opinion. And NOT from another workers comp doctor!
Ask to speak with one of the case workers where you had the original surgery done. They can help you through the red tape and act as your advocate.
Workers comp is akin to fighting City Hall, but they can't deny your knee is injured. If you're in a Union, contact your rep ASAP.
Don't give up this fight. They will throw so much paper work and hoops to jump through, most people just give up, which is exactly what they want you to do.
You can get low cost lawyers through AARP if you're a member.
Show 'em what kind of gumption a 74 y/o has!
They owe you way better than this!
I wish you the best.
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Hi there!

Well, without a detailed clinical evaluation it would be difficult to determine the cause of your symptoms. Possibilities that may need to be considered include bone contusion, muscular ligament injury, infections/ inflammations etc. Though pressure on the nerve may be responsible for pain, this would rarely cause localized swelling. I would suggest discussing the possibilities with your treating orthopedician. If a conclusive diagnosis is made, management can be initiated accordingly.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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Have ask for another Dr but as you know workmans comp is very slow in responding. The Ortho that I am seeing isn't the one who did surgery but in the same office. When one of the physical therapiest where I work ask how long I was going to continue to work I told him I hope to retire at the end of the year,He stated I might just have to live with it since I'm not a "young Chick" just joking. I go to see the Dr Friday and see what he's going to do,, He told me since I have artificial knees a  MRI would just show static.....Thanks for the info
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thank you will know more Friday
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