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knee replacement

Ok, after reading all the negative comments about knee replacement on this site, I have just about decided not to have the surgery done.  Is there anyone out there that has had success in this and would like to share?  I need some positive feedback, please.
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My grandmother had a double knee replacement quite a few years ago, when her knees were so bad that she couldn't get around. It gave her a great new lease on life and she was able to be active again for more than 10 years, up until a couple of years before she died when she was in her mid 90s.

You've got to have it done for the right reasons and you have to be very compliant with the rehab.  
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My father in law had both knees replaced and he's doing great! He bike rides, golfs, dances with his wife, etc.

The key to a positive outcome is to stick with the post-operative physical therapy even though it's going to hurt. If you give up too soon, you're sure not to have a good long-term outcome.

Have you seen an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in knees? The hardware technology is improving all the time. Look for a surgeon who is up on all the latest developments and techniques.
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Thanks for replying.  Glad to hear of the two you know that are happy.  I am curious what went wrong with the others??
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I know of two people who had the surgery and are very happy.  One is a woman age 74 and she is happy she had it done.  Another woman is 86 and she is happy.
My husband was told that he needs it however he has decided to wait until he can not walk because then anything would be an improvement as we know of people who had it and will never be the same.
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