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new supplement , does it have side effects?

Hi ,
After some research i started taking JOINTSNKNEES , this supplement for joint pain.
I've been suffering from osteoarthritis for 4 years now . I felt a good amount of relief from this particular supplement in comparison to others I've taken.
It contains green lipped mussels and 5 loxin , does anyone if any of these ingredients cause any long term side effects?
I haven't experienced anything as yet and its been 6 months i have been taking it.
But i am really paranoid about all these medicines , supplements and their side effects , as Ive experienced some bad side effects in the past with NSAIDs.

Thanks in advance.
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Green lipped mussel arthritis treatment offers you some much needed relief from joint pain and inflammation. The most effective part is the relief from the inflammation, as that is most of what is causing your pain in the first place. By effectively controlling the inflammation, you will be decreasing you level of pain. The best part is, if you begin to take a supplement of the mussel extract on a regular basis, you may find that you no longer suffer from the pain and inflammation.This has become widely known as one of the most effective arthritis treatments available on the market today.

As far as i know there is absolutely no side effects of green lipped mussel extract and is extremely effective for arthritis.
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