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my dr told me i have moderate oa. on a scale of 1 to 10. what level would moderate be?
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I would say 3-7 would be moderate on a scale of 1-10, but I don't think that is what you are looking for.  What symptoms are you experiencing now?  What treatment has the doctor prescribed?  What area of your body is effected?
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i was also wondering about the osteoarthritis as my dr told me that i have severe degenerative osteoarthritis of the lower spine (I forgot the numbers), hips, left shoulder and both feet. I had major surgery last summer and mesh was used to attach part of my bowel to my spine. My dr figures that this may have jump-started the arthritis issues. Currently i have probs walking, bending and overall it hurts to be on my feet for more than 20 mins at a time. so if there is a scale would i be safe to assume that i would be on the higher end of it?
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That sounds more severe than moderate OA.  What is your doctor doing to address the problems you are experiencing?
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i have had Arthritis,  but not sure what type ive had it fr over 9 yrs nd its in both my knees but the last few months have been worse if i stand too long when they hurt me the most they shake i have no insurance so doc never did much but once on left knee he did sergy nd drained stuff out but it made it worse not better im 48 nd bout to lose my mind over this nd cant afford a doctor but cant go on the way i am now either my doc once said when i get older ill be in a wheel chair thers alot of days it just makes me sick the pain nd stress i dont know how to get any help
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