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pain in hands, wrists, arms, shoulder

im 26 year old female.  I am getting aches across my knuckles, pain in thumb joint (as if ive sprained it or something) shooting nerve pain up my wrist (on the underneath part of my arm), weakness/achiness in arm and pain in rightshoulder as if ive slept on it funny.  Typing is getting painful, chopping things when cooking, turning pages in books/magazines, squeezing out sponge after doing dishes are all painful.  I do spent fair bit of time on computer and I play cello (which is getting harder).  i am right handed and right side is much worse. The pain can be constant dull ache and get worse with use, and is no better or worse at night.   A year ago i saw a rheumatologist who found i was negative for rheumatoid factor, positive for some vague inflammatory factor, and xrays showed no arthitis, so all very inconclusive.  Im going back to doctor but wondering if people have any other ideas?  i thought maybe RSI or carpal tunnel, my chiropractor thinks it could be arthitis.
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It could be carpal tunnel but does seem like a type of arthritis (there are 100 different kinds).  Sometimes it can take some time for your bloodwork to show properly.  I hope that your return will allow for a good work up and that the blood tests will reveal the truth for you.  
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I had experienced the same pains for months, and was tested for all auto immune diseases, and all blood test came back normal.

My Doctor did find Parvovirus B19. It's also called fifth disease. It's a common disease children get, and can pass to adults that are not immune to it. In children, it causes flu like symtoms and bright red cheeks. Adults do not get the red cheeks, but women ( more than men) develope Arthritis. It normally lasts for a few weeks, but in about 20 % of women the arthritis can continue for upward to 9 months.  

I contracted it from my son who was sick over the winter. I can't say it's what you have, but it's one thing your doctor can check/rule out. It's just a simple blood test.
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Hi has your doctor checked you for D'Quervains Syndrome very similar to carpel tunnel but this one controls the thumb. I had this released on both hands just recently and by what you describe it sounds very similar. May be worth mentioning to your Dr.

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