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ra factor

I have had three blood tests in the last year,, my first one came back with my ra factor 3360 the last two came back with 2260  the last two were done within 6 months of each other I have told that I don't have arthritis what could cause the to be so high

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Wow that's a high count! My RA Factor is 140 and been diagnosed with RA by two rheumatologists. Two other rheumatologists said I don't have RA. After two and a half years of suffering with arthritis and neurological problems, I asked the doctors to give me a Lymes Disease test. They had been refusing to give me this test since the beginning when I wasn't feeling well. I did take the test and it came out positive. Just took out a Picc Line and was getting IV antibiotics for 28 days. I haven't rechecked my ra factor yet. I'm very curious about it. I read online that Lymes disease or paracites can cause a high ra factor.
There are other things that can cause a high ra factor. What has your doctor told you?
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