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rheumatiod arthrititis

I am still having lupus flare up much much less than when working two years ago. my iron level never go any higher than 9. my finger  get very stiff with cramps  and pain when I use them . I have trouble tieing my shoe or buttoning my shirt or opening this. Do you think I can go back to work or working would make things worst. I can conrol some things better not working with decreasing my activities and frequent rest periods.What do you think. I am an nurse.
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It would really depend on what your duties are and how much flexibility your employer can offer.  Are you on disability right now?  What meds are you on?
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I am a nurse also and you may be having less flares because you are less stressed because you are at home getting the rest we need. If you think you are ready to try to work do it on partime basis and as flexable as the employer allows. As a nurse and in the medical profession it was always very stressful and fast pace. If your having trouble opening things you may need special accomodations. Just food for thought. Good luck and I hope your Lupus continues to go into remission. I'm still waiting 2 years now.
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