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shoulder tendonitis

ways to treat/cure chronic shoulder tendonitis thats going on for over a year now with a lot of pain esp in the night time after use of shoulder tried almost everything
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I have had years of extremely painful shoulder and neck pain and was diagnosed with tendonosis.  Massage therapy helped some.  Then a few months ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and started on Lyrica.  My shoulder feels like a million bucks.  You might want to check that out.
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so was it fibro all along or simply tendonosis pain that progressed to fibro later i have been told fibro but i have no tender trigger points assiociated with fibro just mainly one shoulder/ chest and neck pain  tried evail low dose for a while but very groggy on that
there is a lot of research into fibro now  
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Doctors don't know anything.  When I look back over the years I did have some pain in other areas but it wasn't as pronounced as it was in that area.  I also had TMJ and migraines and the meds seem to be helping those too.
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oh yeah doctors dont know anything lol  i can relate to that although if u have a minor cold they seem to be ok i too suffer from migraines allthough not as frequent as before i find if i dont use the arm as much {impossible} the pain is not as sharp but certainly if there is tension in the body i wil feel it in all quarters .i am not a big fan of meds i tried the evail for pain in the end and even at 10mg i had the constant hangover head so i had to stop did u find driving long periods difficult before the lyrica as in finding it difficult to be in comfort stuck in the driving position
good for u you are feeling better
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