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skin burning sensation, slightly high ANA 1:40, stress?

I am 25 yrs old with a short med history, alwats very healthy. In Aug., I got a really bad yeast infection (outer) that my dr and I could not get to go away. It finally did, bit it is still really dry down there. After every test possible, they said it was just a yeast infec. A week later my pap came back irreg and I had a colcoscopy, whicg really added major stress to the fact I could not get rid of the yeast. Colcoscopy came back normal. Ever since I have had severe burning skin sensations, esp in legs and behind. I get cold sores could this be related? I do not have genital herpes. I had an MRI and lots of blood work. My neuro sent me to a rheum. b/c ANA was slightly high,1:40, but rhem said not to worry.  I told him that my skin burned and arms/back were itchy tingly and he said that wsa not a sign of anything auto imune.  He said everything looked good according to other blood work and brain MRI.  Back MRI showed 4 buldging discs and one protruding, but neuro said this would not cause tobasco like sensation in legs and a little in arms. The only other thing that changed when the burning stopped is I got off of the Nuva ring after being on it for 2.5 yrs. Could hormones cause my skin to burn. I also lost about 6 lbs. Could it be stresss causing burning? I keep waiting for it to pass. I had a brain MRI to rule out MS which can cause burning but not usually in multiple places like I have it. I was also taking valtrex for a cold sore about a week before the burning started??? No fever or anything came back from bloodwork. My ANA was so slightly + that the rhem did not know why I wa referred and did not want to do any other testing. I also have itchy arms, like little bugs are crawling, worse when I wear long sleeves. Am I just going to have to live with this. The burning is worse when I Sit down.  My energy level is great, I never get sick if that helps, no swolen joints, but my left knee aches every once in a while?????????????????
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Difficult to say without examination.  You can consider electrodiagnostic testing (i.e. an EMG) to evaluate for any peripheral nerve disorders.  The MRIs that you have had are a pretty comprehensive evaluation of the central nervous system.  

With the bulging disks, you can consider a neurosurgical opinion to ensure this isn't causing your paresthesias and burning feelings.

An ANA level of 1:40 is very mildly elevated - and not specific to any disease by itself.  

Other tests to consider would be blood tests looking at the B-12 level, as well as thyroid and liver function testing - since diseases affecting these levels may present with the symptoms you are describing.

These options can be discussed with your personal physician.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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Thank you very much.  I had an EMG and it was normal.  All other blood work, thyroid and the masses of other work was normal as well.  My GP referred me to the Neuro who referred me to the rhem so I am getting the run around with no answers other htan youa re just fine so I will continue to believe that; however, the burnign pain is unncomfortable at times.  I guess it could be nerve damage due to anxiety.
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In the field of rheumatology it can take years to get a diagnosis.  One thing that helps patients with autoimmune disease is a lidocain cream that is rubbed on the area. Even though you do not have that diagnosis, one of your MDs might order a trial of this just to see if it might bring you some relief.  Good Luck in your search for help.
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What disease could cause your skin to burn with no other symptoms?  Could hormones or stress?  Could my disc problems cause it?  Could it be an allergy that I have developed?  I have no other symptoms at all, except for back pain.  The rhem. I went to took one look at me and asked a few questions and said I have no signs of an auto-immune disorder.  He also looked at my MRIs and additional blood work.  The first time I had the icy/hot feeling was over two mos. ago and it happended in a time of high stress at work????????????
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I also have burning sensations all over, see my post, still no answers, I guess I have to go for all the tests again. It seems no one ever gets a diagnosis or relieve from these symptoms, mine is constant.
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I too have had burning legs, buttocks and some in arms for 7 years now ... 24/7.  I also have four bulged discs, one protruding (cervical),one in thoracic and two in lumbar. I have had all the tests neurologically and rheumatoid.  Back and forth for years.  Also saw neurosurgeon.  Answer was always the same ... should not be causing the burning. MRI, CT, EMG all normal.  ANA was positive a few years back, but they never bothered checking again until recently. Now it is consistently positive and RA has also been positive then negative again.  My internist thinks I have lupus.  Although I still don't meet the full criteria, he is treating me for it.  Neurontin has helped the burning quite abit.  I sit on a heating pad all the time, only way to be comfortable.  Friend of mine was also going through this, ended up having a thyroid disease, but took so long to diagnose.  She is good now.

As time has passed, more symptoms have occurred. Although they may not be able to fully diagnose something right now, find someone who believes in you and will keep monitoring you.  That alone took me years.  In the meantime, research has shown me that flax seed oil is a good thing to try.  If the problem is inflammatory (Lupus, RA )or simply inflammation from the disc degeneration, it may help.  I've only just started so can't comment on it's effect.  But know it can't hurt ... it's an excellent source of omega 3 essential fatty acids.

Anytime there is a health condition, stress does exacarbate the symptoms.  Managing stress does help.

Good Luck and I'ld like to hear from you again.
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Hi again.  Forgot to add that hormones play a huge role as well.  I'm guaranteed to flare up pre-menstrually and it doesn't start to calm until a few days post.  All that I have read indicates that this is common, but don't know why!
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I really appreciate the feedback.  When I suggested Lupus to the rheum, he shook his head no and said that would not cause burning unless it was advanced and with everything else feeling fine, he did not feel that was it.  My ANA was 1:40, which is very slightly elev.  My rhem also said that meant nothing considering other blood work was good.  My chiro seems to think it is the disc problems and he said he sees this all the time????  I am not sure.
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I have read many of your posts.
I would encourage all of you with Tingeling, burning and other unexplained symtoms to research Lyme disease.

My  first symptoms were tingeling and skin burning, twitching.
I was misdiagnosed for 2 yrs, which allowed Lyme {Bb} to increase.

Many unexplained symtoms ae usually caused by ONE thing.

Lyme is the great imitator.

Do a lot of research.
The ONLY test that is OK is the Western Blot from Igenex lab in Calif.

Anyone who thinks they may have Lyme is welcome to email me

Lymenet.com is a great place to do research.

Good luck,

Yes I have disks problems too.
That is what they thought was the problem.
Did a 3-4 C fusion- Oh  MY, triggered the Lyme more. {didn't know it was Lyme then}

Most Lymee 's never see the tick and few see the rash.

Lyme is in almost all states.

Good Luck
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If you don't mind me asking, how long did you have these tingling burning feelings.  I've had them for about 5 years.  I don't know if I have LD but I'm going to me PCP next week and I'm going to have him refer me to a LLMD.  I came on to this website thinking that maybe I have MS, but the more I read, the more I am convinced that I have Lymes.  Do you live in the US?  How long do you think you've had this?  Mine all started back in 1998 with weird burning type headaches, then in 2000 the facial tingling started, then followed by weird symptoms like, nausea that lasted 3 months, tingling in leg tops (can't stand wearing pants), floaters, sharp pains in ribs, pleurisy, no sex drive (ziltch), heart palpitations, and the list goes on.  When I had the bout with nausea for 3 months, had bloodwork done for thyroid, CBC, CMV, EBV, and others, the only one that was abnormal was the EBV, which came back as a reactivated infection, never knew I had mono in the past.  In 2002 I fell in our perc test hole at our new home, tailbone was hurting, so I went to the chiro, big mistake, he adjusted me and bang, the burning started, my legs burned, my back, itching in my feet, butt cheeks, hands, told him about it, he told me that I needed to see a specialist, thought I might have MS, freaked me out.  I can't understand that, I know a few people that go to the chiro, and never come out burning.  Do you think this could have got things stirred up?  and alcohol forget that, I never have the burning sensations anymore except if I have a few beers, it's really weird, seems this brings on the symptoms.  I am not fatiqued, I'm not sick, and hot baths feel extremely good to me, are there people who just have these strange feelings in the body but are not sickly and still have Lyme?  Look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you much.  By the way, I live in SW PA, been here all 34 years of my life.
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I started getting the burning tingling feeling about 6 months ago , I had some numbness in my feet, neuropathy runing up my legs (Nerve conducting test neg.)and I went to the Podiatric, he wanted to know if I was dibetic and sent me to my MD for blood work. It showed that my B-12 was 225 and that is on the low end. The we did MRI on brain for MS because I had some sensation around my mouth. Finally we started on B-12 shots that didn't help any at first but I beleive after 5 months it is finally starting to help. My prenious anemia test came back postive and the it came back negative. I was ref to a neo. and he had 3 more MRI and finaly in the last one (thorax) they found my spinal cord white and stretch out like ther was a cyst in the middle of it and the other part of it looked like it was shrinking. I have a appointment at Duke on Sept.6,2007. Anyone with this problem.
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