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some info please

hi everyone. this is my first post in this community and i hope i'm asking in the right place. over the last few months i have developed a protrusion on the back of my index finger at the joint closest to the knuckle and another on the inside of my pinky at the same joint. they aren't especially painful except when i play the guitar, which i've done for 20+ years, or i apply pressure to them. my question is what would be some good resources here or other sites for information as to what the cause may be until i can get a medical diagnosis? is there anything i can do now to help slow this (exercise, diet) or are my symptoms too vague to indicate any treatment without medical confirmation? this is very important to me as my music is a big part of my life and right now i can't imagine having to stop playing. i'm also a recovering alcoholic if that has any bearing on the issue. thank you for any feedback and thanks for being here. gm
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Hi there.  Honestly, your symptoms are vague and you need to be seen by a doc to get a dx and treatment plan.  They could be cysts or related to arthritis or something like bursitis (though I have not heard of it in fingers, but just 'cause I have not heard of it does not mean that it can't happen!)  
That said, have you tried applying ice or heat?  What about a topical pain reliever like biofreeze or stoppain?
I have to ask, what kind of music do you play?  Have anything we can listen to online?
Glad to have you in the community but sorry you are in pain and had to join us!
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hi and thanks for the reply. haven't tried much as i'm kind of gunshy when it comes to my hands but it seems to be getting worse. i think the last cd project i did is online---i'll check and see. i play everything but i guess my favorite stuff is classical influenced rock and fusion of different things like blues and jazz. i'll be in touch and thanks again!  gm
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