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swelling pain and bruising right hand between index and middle knuckle

about 6 months ago i started to experience pain in my right hand around the middle knuckle- but more the area between the pointer and middle finger from the base of the finger to the middle of the top of my hand. its often swollen and i noticed a bruise on the top of my hand in that area today. i had an xray when the pain started and they saw nothing. it does not seem to be improving although definitely gets irritated upon use, unfortunately it being my right hand there is not much i can do to limit the use. i experience weakness when gripping lifting turning with the hand and there is sharp pain in between the two knuckles that stretches into the hand. i dont know if it could be tendinitis or maybe early signs of carpel tunnel. i do have some other joint issues but nothing ever like this and no pain anywhere else although the joints are worn down. what could this be?
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If you have other joint issues then possibility of rheumatoid arthritis and gout should be ruled out first. Both can cause extensive joint pain with rash. If you have RA then you will have positive rheumatoid factor and high C-reactive protein and ESR. High uric acid levels in blood go more in favor of gout. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Take care!
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I have exactly this problem. A very fit and healthy 51 year old right hand that only a week ago had a comment about my firm handshake. Now I can't shake hands, the knuckle at the top of my middle finger is sore and swollen making it difficult to both lay my hand flat or make a fist. There was no impact injury that I can think of and xrays showed nothing. I've never had gout and the only other joint issue I have is a bad knee. Any clues?
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