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what is wrong with my knee???? cracking/popping

okay i need help about like 5 months ago i used to work at a bus facility work on tires large bus. i used to remove and install tires manually because we didn't have a tire machine for large bus at work. The tires where easy but i found a easier way to install large tires by using my dang knee. my right knee is messed up because of it.
for weeks installing tires with it is very easy i began having pains. felt like i was limping at some point.
i couldn't file any within that company because i didn't use any knee pads and they where laying off me so  i couldn't complain .
three months i quit the job then the pain felt very bad. went away but i have a weird cracking feeling in my knee like the joints where the knee joints.
i had insurance couple of months ago and had a complete stranger come to my house for knee therapy that didn't work out. I then cancled it.  told me to do some stupid twisting knee excersie. i tried therapy for two months didn't work out.
then i just put a knee strap using a old cut up sock. like a hommade brace tignting my knee.

it worked when i bend the knee it don't crackle or have noise when bending it. if i use the sock strap the cracking sounds poping seems gone when i bend it.
then  months passed it felt like it healed.
it felt like it don't crackle as much if i move my knee around and it don't feel so loose.

then i went to my exercises. Within three days my right knee hurts very bad and starting to crack and pain up. ive stopped my daily exercise since. i thought that it fully healed but the looseness cracking came back. FML. im sad.

im only like 25 years old and plan on joining the millitary since i have no job anymore. but since then i cant go due to this right knee. starting to crackle when i move it like the joint is loose?

i start my sock on my knee again hoping it will strengthen up.
will i get my knee back to top shape again the cracking looseness feeling i feel.

it happened to feel tight but  the cracking/poping loose knee socket came back?

i started drinking milk and taking some joint supplements.   well as using a sock brace again.
i want to go back exercising and running hard again.

is this knee permanent?

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Typex, you may have injured one of the 4 knee ligaments. I'd recommend that you see an orthopaedic knee specialist who can perform some simple tests to check these ligaments.
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okay i will look into that, but the time ive had health insurance my pcp doctor took me to an x ray and the test was okay no broken things. he refereed me to a private therapy for it but i canceled it.
i now don't have health insurance, but if i do have what you say i have.
Is it possible to cure it or fix it. do i need surgery or anything
and is this permanent damage? i will try to get health insurance soon.
is the knee perment if its broken?
i would like to go to the military if i get this knee fixed.
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Hi, I am also 25. I am curious have you had an Mri? My knee does the same thing with the pain and cracking and popping and I seen a knee specialist who ordered a Mri and at 18 I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis. I feel like I am too young for this, but I played 8 years of soccer which the specialist said could have contributed. Have you played sports? Even over use of your knee while working can probably cause osteo. I wish you the best, I had to give up soccer and my dream of going into the airforce :( A brace does seem to help me move around better and I could jog wearing it. But I still have pain from bone on bone because my cartilage is wearing away.
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***** to hear that i hope i can go to the doctor if i have insurance. i most of the time have to bend kneel sometimes or walking running. ive stopped that for a while also running up hills or trails. it ***** my knee still crackles and pops. when bending moving i had it feeling like it cured but its like permanent now. i don't know. so i guess i will be permanent stuck with this stupid knee problem. if i work it hard enough it feels pain like its loose. sounds like i will have this permeant crackling. i hope i can cure i will go to the doctor soon but i have no insurance. sorry to hear ur problem but what i feel i cracking poping i feel sad.
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i never had and mri i got a x ray and they told me it was fine. i will look to a specialist what kind of specialist did you see for your knee problem i went to my regular PCP doctor i might look into the doctors diff to my original doctor when i get my insurance soon.
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You need to see an orthopedist who specializes in knees.

And you need an MRI to diagnose subtle ligament damage.

Get your insurance and get treatment.

In the mean time, try using a supporting brace -- Ace bandage -- that kind of thing. Make sure it's not so tight that it cuts off circulation.

Secondly, treat with ice 15-30min on, 1 hr off. Elevate the leg, bend the knee slightly, and support with a pillow -- again 30 min on, 1 hour off.

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