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pregnancy and adhesions

At my ultrasound today I was dated as 11 week 5 days. My unusually shaped gestational sac (looked like i have two sacs developing) is now attributed to a uterine adhesion. My doctor said the adhesion is large and the concern now is if the baby were to put an appendage (or itself) into the adhesion it could cause growth retardation and even fetal demise.

Does anyone have a history of uterine adhesions (scars)? Has anyone had a successful pregnancy despite the adhesion?
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Have you have a previous dnc?  or uterine trama?  It's sounds like what you are dealing with may be ashermans?  Or maybe a divided uterus?  There is a forum called asherman's.org where there are many ladies that are dealing with adhesions.  Some are pregnant.  
Good Luck!!!
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My scar tissue was removed after the csection birth of my baby girl!
Second pregnancy ended with a healthy son and NO sign of scar tissue.
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Wonderful news :). I now have 16m g/b twins after having my scar tissue successfully removed :)
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