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A working mom question

Jazmine is 17.5 months old and I have been working FT since she was 2 months old.  To be honest, I do like going into work and having adult contact and I dont have too much guilt associated with working FT  BUT I do feel incredibly guilty about having "me" time.

For example: In a typical day I get to spend about 1h w/ Jazmine in the morning, and 2-3h with her in the evening before she goes to bed.   Before I got pregnant I used to work-out on a daily basis and was very fit and healthy.  17.5 months post baby, I still have baby weight to lose and feel unhappy about my figure and would really like to start going to the gym again a few times a week and also give myself a little more "me" time.  The problem with this is it would drastically cut into the little time I already have with Jazmine  makes me feel very guilty.

Hubby (who is a SAHD) has said HE is fine me taking this time for myself  but I feel like I am cheating my daughter.  Anyone else feel this way and what was/is your solution?  If I was looking at this situation from the outside I think I would say it is important to have that "me" time and something that contributes to your overall health and well-being is certainly a positive but man, I feel guilty about it.  Incidentally, I was jogging a few months ago around the roads by my house (which is far less time-consuming that driving to the gym etc.) but with the diminished day light hours thats not a good option right now.
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I'm not a mom yet, so I guess it's hard for me to completely understand, but I do believe that a happy and healthy (physically and mentally)  mom makes the best parent.  I think it's important to take time out for yourself.  2 or 3 hours a week set aside just for you is probably a healthy thing.  Maybe I'll feel differently when the time comes for me to return to work, but I do intend to still try to make what I call "all about me" time.  Good luck with your decision.
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Not sure if this is plausible but can you buy one of those jogging strollers and do it with your daughter?  Or you can buy a workout tape and workout when she goes to sleep or you could do it with her.  There are some exercise tapes that are like mommy and me tapes and you use your children as the weights.  I know how you feel, I had the same feelings when I was working full time.  I used to put off the gym because I would feel like I was missing out on the little bit of time I had with Jayden.  I still have about 7 lbs. to lose to get rid of the baby weight.  The kids are only young once and so that's why I put off the gym for him.  
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Is walking on your lunch breaks an option?
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-I have a jogging stroller but I live out in the country where ppl tend to speed at ~60 mph.  I used to jog w/ Jazmine on these back roads but after almost being hit by a car I decided its not a safe option.  It would be about a 20 min drive (each way) to a jogging track but now its getting cold and dark early so I dont think that will be a good option.

-I  might look into the mommy and me tapes and see how that works out.  Good idea.

-Hubby is a little obese and insisted that the WiFit would help us get into shape.  Starting doing that afterwork but Jazmine gets upset since I dont give her attention during that time.  Doing the workout AFTER she goes to bed might work.... if I can stay up past 9pm! (how embarrassing).

-Theres nothing to prevent me from walking during my lunch break except I feel I need to do something significantly more physical to get back into shape.  I really need a good cardio workout and some weight training.  Also, I work with a small group of people (5) and we tend to have lunch together so Im not sure how my absence from the lunch table will be taken.  Mind you, the bosses ALWAYS "talk shop" during lunch which drives me nuts,  so a nice walk will be good for me to escape a CONTINUOUS day of work.
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Can you sign up with a gym or other exercise program that offers sessions during the weekday lunch hours?
That is how I get my exercise; I take taekwondo lessons (which require cardio workouts and lots of balance development) during my lunch hours twice a week, and occasionally on Saturday mornings. There would be no other way I'd have time to get exercise or "me" time other than these lunch hour lessons, which I've been doing for two years now.
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They make rollers for bicycles so you can ride any old bike in the house/garage.  It took me some practice, to be able to stay upright.  At first I rode in our hallway so if I started tilting, I could reach out and balance myself on a wall.  Maybe something like that after your lo went to sleep.  
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Only problem with doing it during lunch is it would still take a chunk of time out of the day and will  mean I will have to stay at work later to make up that time......
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I heard the wiifit is very good.  I once played the olympic games on the wii and my arms were sore for days.  The have wii yoga also.  Definitely look into exercise tapes and force yourself to do at least a half hour a day and you will see even the little bit you do helps.
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i think an option is going to bed a bit earlier (since she goes to bed early herself) and get up before she does to get your workout time in and then she still gets your full attention.  i am addicted to the biggest loser show.  there have been moms who have said they give all to their family and some work many hours a day. they realized after doing the show they HAVE to keep themselves on track even if they miss a few hours a week with kids.  

living in the country might be different than here in the city but there are mommy boot camps you can join.  you take your baby with you and meet at a local park with other mommies and with strollers and such get a workout with the kids. its a bit pricey though.  

the wii is what i want to do.  if i can get one before the next baby comes then i can get the whole family together to do it and it will seem more like fun than exercise.  i used to be a gym junkie but that addiction left many years ago unfortunatly haha.
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