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Dumb and dangerous things you did as a child

Swampy's mom loves to tell dumb and dangerous things Swampy did as a child. Well, this family is either the most completely dysfunctional family in existence, or this child has singlehandedly raised the bar.

And yes, Swampy hopes that this situation is investigated because it raises serious questions if this child is really in a reasonable household.

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Wow, what a story.  I feel awful but I sort of chuckled when they said they found him in a brown dress with a beer in his hand.  He has some serious psychological issues.  Far more than just being sad that his father is in jail.  

I don't think I've ever done anything dangerous in my youth.  My mom was lucky, I was very straight laced.
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Oh wow. I don't even know what to say. He's only 4?!  I agree, I think he'd better get some psychological help now while he's young. Poor kid.
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I think a lot of what us baby boomers did would be considered dangerous in today's climate.  Taking off for the day without your parents knowing your whereabouts, going swimming without supervision, even walking alone at night or to school!  Most of my really dangerous behaviour happened as a teenager and is not appropriate to mention here.  But did almost give my little brother away once.  I was 10 and he was a new baby.  My parents had me always taking care of him.  We were at a car dealership and a woman asked me if she could show him to some people and I let her.  My parents came back and saw me without the baby and boy did they scream.
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I don't think the boy is psychologically disturbed...he was DRUNK and that was the problem....He misses dad, he went to find him...HIS MOTHER BETTER GET HER ACT TOGETHER...THAT is the problem!  I am sure there is more to this story than what was written...dysfunctional home and the child suffers.  I hope the mom can get the help and parenting classes she needs to care for a child as a single parent...NOT EASY...also, she is still a child herself.
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He's just trying to 'get close to his dad' probably (re -the stealing thing) As for the dress and the beer, well the beer shouldn't have been where he could easily get hold of it for starters....the dress....well, kids do things like that -don't they?
As for getting outside of the house at night, well it shouldn't be easy for a four year old to get out (the doors should be locked) but when I was a kid, maybe about 8 or so, we used to climb out of the windows(because the doors were locked) when our parents were asleep, and play on the grass outside! Until someone came to tell us off....
I once got drunk (ish) when I was 8. I drank some wine my parents had made, had fun, and woke up with a hangover! My mum grounded me for a weekend!
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