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Abdominal pain after drinking alcohol, lasting deveral days, advice please? :(

I'm a girl, 16 and have just had two months of intense exams, and finished on Thursday: my friend had a barbecue that evening, which I went to and at which I stupidly drank a lot.                                     I don't drink regularly and in my year group it's not a new thing to drink at parties, but aside from a few people vomiting, people generally seem fine during/after.
Also, I undereat when stressed, mainly due to nerves and loss of appetite, which had been going on for two months. On thursday, I'd got up too late for breakfast and I felt ill with nerves so only had salad and a slice of bread at lunch.  
Thursday evening, I didn't vomit or pass out. I remember the evening and didn't feel ill at the time. In the past at parties when I've drunk less I seem to be fine, I've never thrown up due to drinking.
When I woke up on Friday I felt very naseous, had shivers and abdominal pain, mostly on my upper left side, but also in other areas on my stomach - I have a feeling it's my liver. My friends and I worked out I'd had about 12 units of alcohol (alcopops mainly) which worried me. I then drank lots of water, had a proper meal, and at the time I thought it'd be a good idea to have lots of fruit: as soon as I realised the acid content could probably cause further pain if it was my liver, I stopped.
The pain has carried on despite coming on very quickly. It has got a bit better, and my other symptoms have gone. Should I do anything else? Today’s Saturday and the GP won't be open until Monday, when I am definitely going to go to my GP, probably even if think I feel fine.
I would just like to know if this is normal and will go away soon, or if it's gastritis which I'll need some medication for, or if it could be very serious?
I lost control of my limits on Thursday, but I learn from mistakes and bad experiences, and don't want to experience this again or damage my liver/kidneys/etc.
Thanks for reading, any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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Hi and thanks for using the forum.

There could be many reasons for your abdominal pain, and you do need to see your doctor on Monday.  If the pain is subsiding, and you don't develop any new symptoms like fever, nausea, vomiting, etc. then it is probably OK to wait to see your doctor on Monday.  IF however, symptoms do arise or if your pain worsens, then you would need to be evaluated sooner.  My feeling is that this is probably a stomach issue, such as gastritis.  You irritated your stomach by drinking all that alcohol and are now probably feeling the after effects.  

As far as the alcohol is concerned, I cannot stress enough to you how dangerous drinking that amount of alcohol is.  Alcohol is a depressent.  You could actually drink so much that you fall asleep and stop breathing or you could vomit in your sleep and drown in the vomit.  Alcohol also decreases your ability to think clearly.  You could get yourself into a situation in which you are taken advantage of or convinced/forced to do something that you don't want to do.  Finally, as you already know, you can damage your liver, kidneys, brain cells, etc. from drinking alcohol.  

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

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