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Breast Tenderness

Okay, let me begin with the facts.
1) I am 26 years old
2) I have had two children (Both C-Section)
3) I am on the pill
4) I do drink caffine maybe 4 times a week

About two days ago I noticed this pain in my right breast. My left breast is also tender but my right is by far the worst. If I lift my breast, the pain eases. I am due to start my period in about two weeks, and I don't believe I'm pregnant, and this is not a typical sign of PMS for me. Any suggestions on what could be happening? I have noticed that my breast seems bigger, but I was under the impression that my breasts had stopped growing some time ago so I am at a loss
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Hi and thanks for using the forum.

I would not think that one breast would be more tender than the other if this is related to PMS.  Generally speaking, both breast would be equally tender.  Does only one breast look bigger?  If yes, then you should probably get this checked out- you could have a cyst or some other type  of infection or inflammation going on.  Another possibility is the pain could be muscular- did you do any recent heavy lifting/pulling, etc.  I think you should get this looked at if it has continued to bother you.  Good luck.


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