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Can Implantaion Bleeding Be Heavy?

Hello ! I am 16. New Years Eve I my ex tried to rape me, he didn't succeed BUT he did ejaculate on to my “vagina hole” and I think some of his sperm might have gotten in.  My parents already know, and we've actually grown closer. Just to get that out there so No one "scolds" me. But to my main point... I am so very confused , yesterday morning I had some light pinkish bleeding that eventually turned brown. It got heavier this morning. I had on a light pad ( I usually have to wear those maxie pads whenever I have a period) and just went to change it this afternoon. I read about implantation bleeding, but they say it's suppose to be "A few drops" , but in the comments of this article  some women said that they had a heavy flow of implantation bleeding. So heavy that some had to change 5 pads during that 2 days of bleeding, but they were indeed pregnant. My period ended 1 week before Christmas and my periods are very regular. That's why I'm so concerned about this. People say it's too early for a test , and that 9 days after bleeding is when you should take one ( I def will then). I told my mom about this and since she's never had children (I'm adopted) , she has NO idea about this stuff. Can some of you tell me your story about implantation bleeding?  :/ please! I WILL keep this baby , because I know how adoption can screw up emotions. Once I turned 8 I always thought about my mom and "Why did she..." and "What was wrong with me to make her give me away". I just don't ever want my child to feel unloved like I felt. But ANYWAY thankyou so much for reading this. I would love for you to respond with stories, and advice, ANYTHING is helpful. :)
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HI and thanks for using the forum.

I am sorry about what happened to you and I am glad that you spoke with your parents about this.  They should be able to guide you in your decisions regarding this.  As an FYI to you, there is emergency contraception that you can take in situations like this to help prevent pregnancy.  It would be too late for you in this situation (it needs to be taken as soon as possible within a 72 hour period).  But it is good to know this information.

At this point, I think  you should see your Ob/GYN if you have one or your primary care doctor for an exam.  While you do need to worry about pregnancy, you should also be screened for any type of STD since you did have genital contact and he did ejaculate.  Your doctor can then help you to determine when you should take a test and if you should have a blood pregnancy test done.

You also may want to consider some counseling.  This is the type of experience that can be difficult to handle, even if you think you are ok right now.  Doing some counseling now can help you handle your feelings about this.  Please consider this.

As far as your question is concerned, implantation bleeding can be spotting or it could be like having a period so it is not a really good "sign" for determining pregnancy.  The only way to know for sure is to take a test when the timing is right.  Good luck.

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