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Hi, I am about ten weeks pregnant with my first child and I am having severe mood swings. I feel sad and I know that really isn't normal. I want to be happy and cheerful like I normally was when I wasn't pregnant! It is putting a strain on my relationship with my fiancé, the father, and honestly we don't know what to do. This is our first baby and we've always had such a close relationship until this profound sadness hit me like a ton of bricks! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Lyssa
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Hi and thank you for using the forum.

Mood swings during pregnancy are not uncommon especially during the second half of the first trimester. Fluctuating hormone levels, body changes, and a change to your life in general can lead to feelings of depression and anxiety. Often women report feeling better during the second trimester.

Make sure that you are getting enough rest. This is important for both you and the baby. Your body is going through so many changes, you need more rest than before you were pregnant.

Continue to communicate with your fiance. Even when a pregnancy is long planned and anticipated most couples experience some anxiety.

Seek support from friends or family members. It helps to talk to someone who has been through what you are going through.

Tell your doctor how you are feeling. A small percentage of women do experience mild to moderate depression during pregnancy. Your doctor will be able to refer you to a counselor if your mood swings do not improve after a couple of weeks.

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope this helps.

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