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Heavy periods

I started birth control pill about half a year ago, after i removed my implant. I was prscribed Cerazette, because of my migrane. From that time I used to have periods two times a month, it was two weeks before I finished my monthly pack of pills and after I finished pack. It was quite light and usually lasted for a week. It was not very comfortable to have two period a month, so I decided to stop pills when the first period started (two weeks before the end of my pill pack). So my periods  started as normal, but after three days it started bleeding abnormal. It is lasting now for 11 days and it is very heavy. I have to change my super tampon every two hours with huge clots. I started taking pills again after a week, but it didn't stop periods, so at the end of 9th day I started taking Tranexamic acid 500mg three times a day for now 2 days and it makes no changes, I still have a very heavy bleeding and feeling a bit dizzy and short of breath. My appointment to see a doctor is only in about two weeks, I don't know what should I do and if it is normal? Maybe it is just because I stoped my pilld two weeks before i suppose to stop? Please help me, I am worried. Thank you very much. Zivile
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Hi and thanks for using the forum.

Since you are feeling symptomatic from this heavy bleeding, I would call your doctor and let them know what is going on.  I am not sure what is causing this heavy bleeding, but i wouldn't say that it is normal.  I would have this checked out sooner rather than later.  Good luck,

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