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Lump/lymph node behind ear

I went to the doctors literally three years ago about a lump in my neck, it was a swollen lymph node and it went down but it's still palpable to this day although it is tiny. Along with this I also went because of a lump right behind my left year, around the bone, its been there for many years and I can push it and it gets flatter, I think it's some kind of lipoma, it doesn't hurt and neither of them have grown in these years, yet I still find myself worrying about things like indolent lymphoma and slow growing lymphoma. Whenever I go to the doctors they never seem worried about these two lumps. I'm seventeen and quite thin if that helps w anything. I guess I should stop worrying, but I find it hard I guess as I don't really do much so I sit around and stay up super late so I'm normally pretty tried, which also makes me worry that it's the dreaded C. Also When I was a baby I had really bad ezcema until I was around five years old. I've had a lump behind my ear for as long as I can remember, could this of swelled up when I was a child and never gone down? The doctors just tell me not to worry but they've never done any tests on it. I also have a few lumps on my head at the back near the hairline.
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We all have lumps and bumps all over our body. A lymph node that is palpable is not unusual, especially in a thin person. If there is no pain at the site, if the size has not increased then I would take your doctor's word that there is nothing to worry about. If however, you notice an increase in size, change in shape, or pain at the site I would press the issue with your doctor. Additionally, if this is something that is keeping you up a night with worry, mention that to your doctor. There may be some noninvasive testing they can recommend to ease your mind.

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