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Lump sensation in throat

I am a 24 year old female who is pretty healthy. For about a week now I have had a lump in the throat sensation. I definitely suffer from anxiety. I have never been diagnosed but I know I have it. This 'lump sensation' has gone from moving around and feeling big to feeling reasonably small and only on one side. I recently had a cold with coughing, running nose, coughing up phelgm. I've noticed the past couple days I'll have a slight crackle in my right ear, and it kind of effects the lump. My worry (surprise!) is that it is not anxiety. Part of my anxiety is a fear of health problems and of going to the doctor. Any suggestions as to what it could be, or maybe it is still anxiety?
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Hi and thanks for using the forum.

It sounds like you still have some residual congestion from your cold and the lump could be a swollen gland.  Since it seems to have improved, then I would suggest that you wait and see if it resolves.  You could try a decongestant (if you can take them) and it may help clear up some of your symptoms.  If you feel that it gets worse of that it persists more than a few more days, then you may want to see your regular doctor to get checked out.  Good luck.

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