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Lumps under chin

Hi, and thanks so much for your help!

I am a 29 year old female. I recently noticed that when I put my chin to my chest, I could feel a lump or something on the left side of under my jawbone. I felt around, and I can't really feel anything unusual when my head is upright. Or rather, I can feel something smooth there, but I think I always had it on both sides. But when I tilt my head forwards and poke my fingers underneath my jawbone I can feel a small lump that I can "move" to the chin side of my jawbone quite easily.
I felt on the right side and I have the same there, and I can move that one too. I'd estimate the size of both to be sort of like a flattened small grape.
Is this the submandibular gland that I am feeling, or is it a lymph node?
Should I be concerned?
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Hi and thanks for using the forum.

From what you have described, it does sound like you are feeling a lymph node.  These nodes can swell whenever your body is fighting something off such as a virus or bacteria.  It does not sound like this one is excessively large or bothersome.  Another possibility is a small cyst which sometimes occurs under the skin.  Both of these can pretty much go away on their own.  IF you notice the lump get larger or if it becomes painful or bothersome, you could always see your doctor to be evaluated.  Also, if the lump does not go away over the next few weeks, you may want to have it checked out.  Good luck.

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Sorry, just wondered if you had a chance to read this? Thanks.
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