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Pain while breathing

Hello, I am posting this for my wife. She is 22 years old, and approx 7 weeks pregnant.

She is currently in a lot of pain, all on the left side of her body. The pain is 'stabbing' sometimes under her left breast, clear around to the left side of her back and into her left shoulder and occassionally her arm. The pain is so severe at times that she can't take deep breaths, and she is often woken up in the middle of the night.

This all came on rather suddenly -- on Wednesday morning it was a slight pain, and by Wednesday afternoon it was full blown. We did take her to ER, and at first they were certain she had a blood clot -- we prayed like crazy, and there was not blood clot. They ended up checking her blood, running atleast 3 EKGs, one echo of her heart, a lung xray, and a scan with dye of her lungs -- they also did an ultrasound on each of her legs. Everything came back clear (thank Jesus) -- but she is still in much pain.

Since she is so early in the pregnancy, they sent her home because they said she was at more risk being there, and they couldn't do much for her, since the only thing they can give her is tylenol.

They believe it is muscle related -- and sometimes it does help to rub on certain spots in her back, and the hot shower seemed to relieve it some last night -- but even after a day of seeming better, it flairs back up. Her pain is pretty much constant. Anyone have any ideas or had this before?
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Hi and thanks for using the forum.

First, congratulations to both you and your wife on her pregnancy.

Next, make sure that your wife has discussed (if she has not already) her symptoms with her OB/GYN.  You did the right thing by going to the ER. It sounds like they covered all possibilities in the ER, but ER DOCS are not OB/GYN's so she needs to follow up with her own doctor.

Muscular pain is very common during pregnancy.  It should always be evaluated, but it is common.  Something like a hot water bottle can help to relax the muscles.  When I was pregnant, I found these disposable heat packs (I think they are called Therma-Care- but I am not positive).   These heat packs are thin, and they have adhesive on one side that you can stick directly to the area that is hurting (I used to use them on my lower back).  These heat pads stay in place and you can wear them under your clothes and to bed.  They last for some time (a few hours) and I found that they helped.  Also, as I think you both already know, she can take Tylenol as directed.   Good luck to both of you!


These severe pains
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