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Someone out there PLEASE help me . PVCs

Hi everyone , I can't count the number of times I have been to the ER in the last five month due to my heart palpitations and that has completely ruined my life :((
I started feeling PVCs about four five months ago and since then i have had all the heart tests  , ECGs , Echos , Stress test , 24 Holter Test .
Holter  five months ago showed :  Ventricular Ectopy , Total : 18,777 isolated 12 ,850 Bigeminy 454 , trigeminy 766  
so I had 18 , 777 PVCs or 12 , 850 ? very confusing... anyways since i started feeling this beats my life has become miserable nightmare and i have didn't know what to do no one could actually understand what I was going thru .
Doctors told me not to worry too much as there was nothing I could do about this and my anxiety would make them worse but I wasn't able to control myself . so i had many sleepless nights  and was scared to death ..
they put me on a beta blocket Nebilet 5 mg a day and Xanax 0.25 at night , have tried this for almost 3 months and had another holter test which showed :
PVCs : 13,556 Couplet 35 Triplet 3 , VTachycardia 2 ,  Bigeminy 813 , Trigeminy 128 , PACs 3 .  this results were so devastating because I though i had no PVCs when i wore that Holter monitor , that beta blocker and Xanax did nothing at all .....
I have talked to lots of Docs and they all say different stuff some of them told me to just live and ignore this and some of them have kinda scared me which has worsen my anxiety !!!  
a week ago I learned that I have had this as a teen  , it hasn't started now at 21 , in fact we found the results of my holter test when  I was 17 ,  it says :
VES total : 7,324 SVES total 249 , and there some symbols ST1 . ST2 , ST3 not sure what they mean ?
I immediately called my Doc and told me that I've had this 4 years ago that it hasn't started now but he told that this wasn't important ?! can someone tell me what's going on with my heart , i don't what to think :( I'm just so scared !!
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Everyone has errant heart beats from time to time. It sounds like you are having erratic ventricular beat more often than is common. I recommend that you follow the advise of your doctors. It may take some time and some trial and error to find the right dose of medication to lower the frequency of these episodes. The medication dose or combination that works for one person does not necessarily work for another. If you are not having symptoms, try to give your doctors time to find the meds that work for you. If your symptoms increase or you start to feel worse, then see your doctor right away. The important thing is to find a doctor that you trust and follow their advise. While a second opinion can be helpful, too may opinions can hamper care.

I hope this helps.

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