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Trying for a baby. PLEASE HELP ME!

Hello my name is Kristy. I am 19 and married and am trying to have children with the man I love deeply. But my period is VERY off. I have a period MAYBE 1 time every 2 years (Had my first period at the age of 10). The only time my period has been regular is when on birth control. So I was wondering is there a way other than birth control to regulate my period? Because I know that having a regular period will help with trying to conceve a baby.

I believe that since birth control regulates my periods that means that I am stressed? Because I ALWAYS feel stressed. ANY information will help! Thank you everyone so much! <3

P.S. Please do not critisize me about my age and tell me I am too young. Because I do not think I am too young. And I know I am ready and we are WELL equipt to have a child.
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Hi and thanks for using the forum.

If you are not getting a period, then you are not ovulating.  IF you are not ovulating, then you will not be able to get pregnant.  You need to see your ob/gyn about this so that he or she can evaluate you.  There are medications available that can stimulate ovulation and this can be helpful for women who have irregular periods who are trying to conceive.  See your ob/gyn and talk with him or her about this.  I hope this helps.  Good luck.

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Thank you so much that is deffinately what I am going to do! Thanks again!

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