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Vaginal Infection? Lightheadedness

I'm 17, 18 in a few months, a Junior in high school, and even though i've been waiting months for it to go away I itch. I have had yeast infections before, the itchiness, swelling, discharge, but I took some over the counter pill for yeast infection and my vagina still inches, swells and It's turning whiteish with small bumps on one side.  Also even though i've been taking my vitamins, and eating everyday; if I don't eat for a hour or so I start getting lightheaded and sleepy and have a hard time staying upright. I've passed out once but that was a year or two ago, I've fainted recently but I don't know. Do I have a infection and diabetes or something?  Should I see a doctor?
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Hi and thanks for using the forum.

If you are worried you should see your primary doctor.  Do you have a history of diabetes in your family?  At your age, your metabolism tends to be very fast, so it is not unusual to feel really hungry.  Some girls are prone to yeast infections, but if you still have the itching despite being treated for the yeast infection, you should see your doctor (OB/GYN if you have one) about that.  It could be that the yeast infection is not really clearing up and you may need something stronger than an over the counter medication.  Also, there are other things that can cause those symptoms such as a vaginal infection.   Good luck.

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If it turns out to be a yeast infection, Middle Eastern women apply yoghurt, plain yoghurt with the live organisms. It works very well.
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