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Vitamin D Defiency

In November 2009, my doctor told me I had Vitamin D Defiency. My level was a 6 out of 32. A few months ago, I was tested again and I'm still waiting for the results. Since I was tested the second time I quit taking my medicine (1000 units 3 times a week). I have really bad headaches, and extremely painful pre-menstrual, menstrual, and post-menstrual cramps. Also, I have mood swings when least expected. I'm wondering if these symptoms could have anything to do with vitamin d defiency, and what the symptoms of vitamin d defiency are? Thank you!
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The symptoms that you describe do not sound like typical symptoms of low or deficient Vit. D. levels.  They sound somewhat hormonal in nature and it may be worth discussing them with your OB/GYN.  Low vit D. and Vitamin D deficiency can have serious health implications, so before stopping the therapy, you may want to discuss this with your doctor.  Good luck.

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Take OTC Vitamin D daily and get some sunlight (i.e. tanning bed, outdoors).

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