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bad legs

I was diagnosed with cancer in 08. Since then I have been on all kinds of drugs. Tonight on the net I saw an article something like 9 bad meds anyway now I can't find it.The cancer was in L3 vertabrea which is now titamium, screw, rods, & other stuff, the nerves in my left leg were cut so when the leg gives out I just fall no warning I just fall. What caught my eye was xanax & atenolol I take both. I also take potassium - so I don't I fall on my face- I also take gabapentin since my legs ache & crawl, calcium & vitamin D, warfarin, diltiazem, methocarbam, dilaudid, fentyl, & lovenox for blood clots. My left leg is my bad leg but my right leg has lost muscle. What can I stop and still be able to not live in pain? All I want to do is sleep & have no energy at all. I was just taken off Revlimid which I was on as a precaution. Was told I was in remission in 2010.
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