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clowdy white nipple discharge

I'm probably 4 weeks pregnant by now, I haven't seen a doctor. My nipples are discharging a clowdy white liquid. Is it part of my pregnancy symptoms?
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Many women experience nipple discharge during the later stages of pregnancy as the breast tissue prepares for lactation. Some women do experience nipple discharge early in pregnancy. This discharge is usually clear. Repeated stimulation of the nipple can also cause discharge. This can happen from manipulation and squeezing, or chaffing against a bra during exercise.

There are also several medical conditions that cause nipple discharge which require immediate medical attention. It is for this reason that I would recommend that you call your doctor with your concerns. Your doctor will be able to best evaluate if your discharge is cause for concern or just a normal part of pregnancy.

Congratulations on your pregnancy.

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Its is but not this early in pregnancy im35 weeks almost due and my nips started leaking lik at 17weeks
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