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I am 35 weeks. i have been dilated and contracting since i was 7 months. the cramping is getting worse and so is the bqck pain. I'm waking up every night vomiting and the doctors aren't doing much to explain to me whats going on. Can someone please explain why nothing is being done?
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I am so sorry that you are feeling so poorly. You state in your question that you have been dilated and contracting since 7 months, were you ever put on bed rest?

I am not sure why nothing would be done at that point. My best recommendation would be to speak with your doctor. You are at 35 weeks, that is almost full term so you should be seeing your doctor every week by now. Have you told your doctor that the pain is becoming more intense, and that you are vomiting?
You know your body the best. If you fell that something is wrong speak with your doctor. Tell them your concerns and ask if there is anything they would recommend. If you are not getting any answers, or you feel as if nobody is listening to your concerns you could consider seeing another doctor. There may be nothing to be done for your discomfort at this point, but your doctor should be able to explain why and at the least alleviate your worry.

I hope you are feeing better soon. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

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