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dramatic change in my menstrual cycle, and trying to conceive

hi, i am 20 years old, and for the last 3 months my partener and i have been trying for a baby. i have always had regular periods, lasting 5days on a 28day cycle, but in the last 10 weeks my cycle has suddenly changed dramatically. in the last 10 weeks i have had 5 periods each lasting 7 days, they have all been very heavy and quite painful, with only 7days between each period. what could be causing this? is this normal or could there be something wrong.? will i still be ovulating? could this be a sign of pregnancy? ovarian cancer? or is it normal for this to happen?
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HI and thanks for using the forum.

This is definitely not normal.  You really need to see an OB-GYN to see what is going on especially if you are trying to conceive.  Have you taken a pregnancy test at all?  I ask because it is odd that you have always been regular and this has only changed in the last 10 weeks.  I would be worried that this could possibly be a miscarriage. Definitely get yourself to a doctor so that you can get to the bottom of this.  Good luck.

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Hi dear,
I too used to get heavy periods with cloths in it.  I would suggest you to see a gynaec and do a check up maybe an ultrasound test would be good.  The same was with me.. when i did an ultrasound they found 7cm fibroid.  I immediately did a laproscopy surgery to get it removed since it was big.
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