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kidney stones

Hi... i am 18 years old and now 20 weeks pregnant.. When i found out i was pregnant the doctors noticed i had Alot of kidney stones (6 in the right and 2 2mm in the left) since then i have been getting sicker and sicker the farther my pregnancy goes on.. I am 5'3" and 106 lbs i developed an alergy to milk and egg products, have been peeing white hard balls of stuff out and had numerous trips to the hospital. The doctors here just tell me they don't know what's wrong and basically gave up on me.. can this be harmful for the baby? is it going to be born with health problems?? Is my body rejecting this baby??
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Hi and thanks for using the forum.

Congratulations on your pregnancy.  Kidney stones are not uncommon and they can occur during pregnancy.  It sounds like you are passing the stones (hard white balls when you urinate).  Usually, your doctor will give you a strainer and have you strain all your urine.  YOu then save the stones and they can be tested to determine what type of stones they are (for example if they are related to diet or not).  IF you have not done this yet, you may want to ask your doctor about it.  The allergy I am not as sure about.  By allergy do you mean you can't tolerate milk and egg products (they disagree with you, cause you abdominal pain,etc) or do you develop a rash/hives/swelling.  It may benefit you to see your primary care doctor or even an allergist.  Talk with your ob/gyn about your concerns.  Kidney stones themselves should not be harmful to your baby.  Good luck- you are half way there!

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