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leg and arm crawlies

I'm a 54yo woman and for many years I have had, what feels like, little "things" crawling under my skin in the leg areas. Usually I use rubbing alcohol on my legs and it goes away but recently it seems to be getting worse. Is there and medication that I can take that will eliminate the feeling and allow me to sleep? I've had this since I was young.
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HI and thanks for using the forum.

There are a few possibilities that could be the cause of your symptoms.  First, it could be a skin issue.  The rubbing alcohol can actually make this worse since it can dry out your skin and make you more "itchy".  If you think it could be a dry skin issue, then you may want to see a dermatologist to have it looked at.

Another possibility is restless leg syndrome.  This is characterized by an uncomfortable feeling in the legs when they are at rest (generally at night).  Moving the legs relieves the symptoms  IF you think that this could be the problem, then you should see your regular doctor about it.   There are medications that are successful in treating this.

Last, this could be a type of neuropathy or nerve pain.  You can see your regular doctor about this as well.  He or she can refer you to a neurologist if need be.  There are medications that are successful for reducing nerve pain.

I hope this info helps.  Good luck.

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