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lump in throat

A few months ago I was having alot of stress and kept feeling like there was a lump in my throat. Felt like there was something in my throat and wouldnt leave. Also felt tight as if i was being choked.  about 7 weeks ago i went to the ENT for lymph node issues. He did a rhinoscope (stuck the camera up my nose) and told me i had large tonsils and adenoids. He did an ultrasound of my throat and neck as well. He also did blood.  Everything came back normal.
the sensation in my throat went away. The other day it came back. sometimes its bad other times its fine.  What can cause this to happen? Ive hears Stress, GERD, Acid reflux....i have stayed awya from coffee and chocolate. I wake up in the AM and its fine then by night i wana cry. it does not hurt at all and i can swallow food fine with no issues. i know if it was something then the tests would have shown somehting there because i had these issues when the tests were being taken.
i want to know why it went away and now is back!
Please help cause im going nuts
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Hi and thanks for using the forum.

You mention that the ENT noted your tonsils and adenoids were large, did he say they were unusually large?  GERD and acid reflux can cause these symptoms, but usually you feel some pain (burning, etc.) as well.  GERD and reflux also tend to be worse at night, whereas your symptoms don't seem to bother you at night.  I would follow up with the ENT about the tonsils/adenoids and find out about that.  IF the ENT clears you, then you could also have your thyroid checked to make sure it is not enlarged.  THis can sometimes give you that "somthing in my throat" feeling.  Hope this helps.

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You could try looking up LPRD.  It's a type or reflux but affects the throat and voice box.

I would think that stress may be a contributing factor.

Elevating the head of your bed by putting books under that end may help.  Medication may also help if it is reflux, etc.
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i had blood tests done and thyroid levels were fine. also had an ultrasound of the entire neck area and no thyroid issues were found. i just went to the dr yeaterday and he said that my tonsils were not as large as the ENT thought.  He thinks it may be allergies.
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