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lump on jawline, pain in jaw and chest

I have a painful lump towards the front of my jawline on the left side.  The lump is not inside my mouth, but outside of the jaw bone.  It's about 2 cm, hard and moves a little.  My gums also hurt on the left side and they look white and scabby (my girlfriend tells me).  It is tender to the touch and warm.

I also have chest pain, also only on the left side. My chest in tender to the touch and I think that I feel swollen lymph nodes.  
I don't think I'm running a fever, but I also don't feel well.
Why is everything concentrated on the left side?  Are the jaw lump and the chest pain related?
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Hi and thanks for using the forum

It sounds like you are describing a cyst or an abscess.  You need to see a doctor and have this drained and be started on an antibiotic.  The swollen lymph nodes are probably related to the cyst.  The chest pain could be related to the swollen lymph nodes and the infection, but you need to get it all checked out.  Good luck.

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