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pain in legs

i horrible, tearful excruciating pain in my inner thighs that i am forced to jump out of bed and i cant lay back down or sit and especially  hurts so much i cry and scream with pain every night what is it and what do i do
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Hi and thanks for using the forum.  It sounds like you may be experiencing Charley horses (which are muscle cramps/ spasms) at night.  These can be caused by a number of things including dehydration, low potassium, low calcium or low magnesium levels, or overuse or injury to the muscle.  Charley horses are very painful.  When you start to feel the pain you could try and alleviate it before it gets bad.  You can massage the muscle, apply heat first and then ice once the cramping stops, NSAIDS such as ibuprofen can be helpful.  Also, I know someone who swears that if she gets a Charley horse, she walks backwards and this alleviates the cramp.  IF you are getting these frequently, then you should see your doctor to find out if maybe your electrolytes are a little off or if you are dehydrated..   I hope this hel[ps.   Bridget
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In my case it seems to be a need for vitamin B1. When I get these cramps I go to the medicine cabinet and get a 100 mg capsule, open it and dump the powder into my mouth. I am relieved after a short wait.
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