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question about blood work

rbc 4.03  Low
hgb 14
mcv 104.4 high
mch 34.7 high
plat count 256
mpv 6.9 low

just want someones opinion about the low and high results on my blood test
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HI and thanks for using the forum.

It is very difficult to interpret lab results by themselves (meaning without being able to evaluate the patient physically).  Also, labs use different ranges of "normal".  Finally, what you have provided is not the complete blood count, rather just pieces of it.  From what I could find, your abnormal ranges are not really that abnormal, just slightly off. My suggestion would be to discuss the lab results directly with the practitioner who ordered them.  He/She has examined you and can use the physical exam along with the lab results to give you a better picture.  Again, from what I see, nothing is too far off the normal range.  Good luck.

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