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sepsis after abortion or what

had a abortion 4 weeks ago.  No fever ever, howver got a uti.  Now i have a fullness feeling in vaginal area,(LIPS MOSTLY) already did the monistst 3.  also, i am having heel pain when standing, severe muscle weakness and joint pain in legs feet hands, also restless body feeling, MENTAL FOG?    Could you get sepsis this far out?  My cbc days after abortion was good.  I am scared.  I also am breastfeeding.   I take b 12 pills 1000mg dAILY FOR LOW B-12 ALSO.  WHAT COULD THIS BE?  i LEAVE TO GO AWAY IN TWO DAYS.  hELP. 31YEARS OLD, 4KIDS.    NO FEVER YET TEMP 97.6 NORMAL RANGE FOR ME, 120/82 PULSE 72.  TODAY ON WRIST MONITOR. help me please
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This does not sound like sepsis at all.  Your symptoms are diverse and really could be caused by a number of things including tiredness, depression, and even Lyme Disease.  Have you been to your regular doctor for a physical? IF not, I suggest that you do when you get back from your trip.  It will give you a good starting point.  I doubt that this is related to your abortion directly (the exception being anemia).  I hope this helps.

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