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urine test

I am 68 yrs old and have been taking vicodine for several years for back pain. my dr did a urine test and said there were no sign of vicodine or  opiates in my system. i was negative for everything and he accused me of selling them !!!!.I also take thyroid meds,soma,xanax.neurotin,diabetic meds,insulin,januvea.nexium. i was on antibiotics and steriods for two months before he did the test. i also have COPD and use inhalers and a nebulizer machine.i do not drink beer,liquor,wine pop or anything except water and i drink at least a gal. and a half of water a day.why would the vicodine and xanax not show up in the urine test.should i ask for a blood test and would a blood test be more accurate?
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