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will like to know when scar on lips from stitches will go

I had a serious bike accident some tym ago and my upper lip was stitched, this was around august last year.
My lips have improved greatly since then but it seemed to reach a halt when the hardness and scar it had created refused to go for almost 6 months now. I believe i have been very patient and would please need some help as to how I can get rid of this and when its most likely to go. And I will also like to know if i should leave the scar open or continue to leave it moist by applying lip balm.
Thank you in advance.
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Hi and thanks for using the forum.

The hardness you are describing is scar tissue and it is very common when you have a laceration that has been sutured.  The wound should continue to soften over time, but you can appy Vit. E to the scar to help soften up the tissue.  Also, if the scar is very noticable, there are over the counter medications ( one example is Mederma) that can help fade and soften the scars and make them less visible.  You may always have a mark on your lip, but these things can help make it less noticable.  Finally, if you feel these are not the right answers for you, you could see a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon who may have other options for you.  Good luck.

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Thanks a lot for your help, i am currently using a local thing here and its helping a bit. I just don't want to have a big ugly scar on my lip for a long time. Not cool.
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