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Bystolic and alcohol

I've been taking Bystolic 10 mg for a couple months now and it's done wonders for keeping my blood pressure low in conjunction with diet and exercise.

But about three months ago at a party, I realized I was getting a terrible stomach ache and had to lay down for a while. After about an hour the stomach ache went away. I realized later that what had upset my stomach was a glass of wine that I'd had just minutes before the aching started.

Since this incident, I've had two more occasions where almost immediately after imbibing even small amounts of alcohol, I get these awful stomach aches. The only thing I can attribute it to is the Bystolic. Before switching to this medication, I was taking a generic Atenolol and didn't have any problems like this. The stomach aches didn't start until after I'd started Bystolic.

What's most concerning about this, is that when I mentioned it to my doctor, he seemed very surprised that this happened. Even going on to suggest that a glass of wine could help with cholesterol management just minutes after telling him that drinking any alcohol causes this stomach pain (I'm thinking it may be time to get a new doctor?).

My question is, should I avoid alcohol altogether while taking Bystolic? What are the health concerns/problems that could arise from using alcohol while on Bystolic?

I'm not a heavy drinker by any means, but it will make me very sad if I'll never be able to have a cold beer on a hot afternoon again.
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Bystolic is not known to cause stomach pain. Alcohol can lead to abdominal pain. Try taking an H2 blocker such as Pepcid or Zantac 1/2 hour before drinking. If the pain persists, I would recommend seeing a gastroenterologist.
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