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Can you divide the dose of Testosterone from a 2 ml ampoule?


In my country there's not available testosterone 100mg.

We have only Testo-Enant 250 mg (in a 2 ml ampoule).

My relative needs to administer half of that dose (100-125 mg testosterone every week).

Can you get only 1 ml from the 2 ml ampoule of Testo-Enant that has 250 mg testosterone (does that 1 ml contain the half of the dosage = 125 mg testosterone?)

So he thinks:

1) opening the ampoule

2) getting the first 1 ml with a syringe the first week

3) closing the head of the ampoule with a wound dress (type of DuoDerm) to avoid contact of the solution with the air during the week

4) When the second week comes, using the last 1 ml from the same ampoule above. Then the third week opening a new ampoule of 250mg/2ml, getting the first 1 ml and so
on with the steps 3) and 4) forward.

My questions again:

- does 1 ml contain half the dosage of the ampoule? Does it contain 125 mg testosterone?

  ( 1 ampoule = 250 mg testoterone. The ampoule is a 2 ml solution of Testo-Enant.)

- any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
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If the testosterone ampule you are using is of a strength 250mg/2mL, you should expect to receive a 125mg dose by drawing 1mL into a syringe. You may want to consult with your local pharmacist and/ or doctor if possible to ensure that you have the proper technique when drawing up a 1mL (125mg) dose.

I would recommend your friend disposes of the unused portion of the 2mL vial instead of attempting to use it for two injections. Re-using it in the manner you have described can increase the risk for contamination which could lead to serious infection if injected.
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