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Is anti working ?

When I first started seeing my doctor, he put me I was on Paxil CR and it seemed to work fairly well, but I didnt' think I had hit a good place.  Had been on that for about one year.  20 mg. tops.  He put me on Effexor XR  when I started seeing him.  No reason, really for taking off of Paxil CR.  He also placed me on Lorezpam 1mg. 2 daily.  The Effexor was 150mg., it has been increased.  by 24mg.  It has been about a week and I feel edgy.  The Lorezapam is not working as it did originally.  I had asked him to place me on another med. for anxiety, and he has stated I have a tolerance for this now.  However, the tolerance is not helping my nerves.  I am trying to find a job, my mom passed away 2 months ago, and the I have gained 25 lbs on the Effexor.  I need another Anti, besides Zoloft, I cannot tolerate that at all. and  I also need something longer lasting for anxiety.  How do I approach him, What do you think and suggest?
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How long have you been on the Effexor?  If it has been less than at least 2 weeks, then it is still too early to feel the effects.  Generally after two months, if the medication is not working, and you may need to switch medications.  Another medication to consider is Cymbalta (duloxetine).  If weight gain is a problem, Wellbutrin (buproprion) has the least amount of weight gain. If that medication fails, then maybe you need to move on to another class of drugs such as a Tetracycline antidepressant or MAO inhibitor.  As for the Lorazepam, currently you are taking 2mg/day, for the treatment of anxiety you can use up to 6mg/day divided into 2 -3 doses a day.  However, consult with your doctor about this before increasing your drug regimen.  Lorazepam has the longest acting effect, and if your doctor believes that tolerance has developed a good second option would be alprazolam. However, its effects do no last as long as Lorazepam but could help you with the immediate feelings of anxiety.
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